Music Lessons are important in many different ways.

Music Lessons increase brain function: In a study from Oxford University, in 2006, revealed that young children who received a year of Music Lessons showed both changes in the brain changes, and superior memory compared with children who did not have Music Lessons.

“It is very interesting that the children taking music lessons improved more of the year on general memory skills that are correlated with non-musical abilities – such as literacy, verbal memory, visio spatial processing, mathematics, and IQ, than did the children not taking Music Lessons”

Music Lessons helps kids stay in school, and higher graduation rates. Information coming out of a Harris Poll indicates that 96% of high school principals understood that participating in Music Lessons or Music Education, helps motivate, and encourage students to stay in school. 89% of the same principles felt that having Music Lessons or music education contributed in higher graduation rates in students.


Music Lessons help develop critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

  • Music Lessons help to create more opportunities for intellectual and emotion exploration.
  • Music Lessons helps to increase student self-esteem, self expression, as well as communication skills.
  • Music Lessons helps students be able to focus on one thing for a long period of time, as well as increasing ability to multi-task.

Music Lessons encourage a “sense of belonging” and “social belonging” for students who participate in Music Lessons and participate in our Student Performance Day. Many of our students get to know each other and become friends, start bands together, and have fun pickin’ at open jams.

Lesson Pros Nurturing Instructors We understand the patience and positive encouragement necessary to help foster a life-long love of music. Music Lessons should be tailored to each individual for their unique learning style. Our instructors are great for Kids, great for any age, and any ability.