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Private Lessons


HOW TO MAKE YOUR PRIVATE LESSONS GO BETTER? by Chuck and Sandi Millar from Lesson Pros Have you ever wondered how to make your private lessons go better? Great question! Here are some helpful hints. ..

#028 – Songwriting From the Best in the Biz

Creative lyrics and unforgettable melodies are magical when done right. It can be difficult to find the balance of words, rhythm and melodic structure that all comes together. Even the most experienced songwriters have..

Bluegrass Mandolin

#022 – Bluegrass Mandolin – A Style and F Style

Hello guys, how are you? I hope that all of you are ready to learn something new about music instruments. Well, today I am going to discuss some interesting styles of bluegrass..

musical journey

#019 – A Musical Journey in Time – Article Summary

by Lesson Pros What's your musical journey? In the blog article, A Musical Journey in Time, Chuck Millar recant's his beginnings as a student. His first inspirations into music and the hurdles he had to ove..