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Writing Prompts March - Lesson Pros

One Word March Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

One Word March Writing Prompts - Lesson Pros Excited to see you all back this March for our One Word Writing Prompts! Keep in mind this article is for all writers including: Songwriters ..

Word Writing Prompts February

One Word February Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

One Word February Writing Prompts - Lesson Pros We are back at it!  Here is your February one word writing prompts! Take a moment to reflect on your progress from last month. ..

365 Writing Prompts – One Prompt A Day For A Year

365 Writing Prompts Ideas - One Writing Prompt For Each Day of The Year Are you looking to improve your writing skills this year? How about a daily writing prompt challenge? These 365 writing prompts will get you started, w..

practice 10,000 hour rule - Lesson Pros


PRACTICE HACK TO HELP YOU BECOME A BETTER MUSICIAN FASTER - SHATTER THE 10,000 HOUR RULE How do you become a better musician faster? How do you learn or accomplish anything faster? Here is a practice hack to help you knock down those practi..

LarryFest Bluegrass Festival

LarryFest Bluegrass Festival Wow! What a fantastic week at LarryFest!!! Well, we just came down from the biggest high. No, I'm not talking about drugs here. I'm talking about a musical high.  That's what just happened at the LarryFest Blue..

weighted keys piano

Weighted Keys Piano Recommendations – Lesson Pros

Weighted Keys Piano Recommendations  Which weighted keys piano would we recommend? We get a lot of questions from our students about which weighted keys piano we would recommend, being we get these questions a lot we wanted..