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Word Writing Prompts February

One Word February Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

One Word February Writing Prompts - Lesson Pros We are back at it!  Here is your February one word writing prompts! Take a moment to reflect on your progress from last month. ..

365 Writing Prompts – One Prompt A Day For A Year

365 Writing Prompts Ideas - One Writing Prompt For Each Day of The Year Are you looking to improve your writing skills this year? How about a daily writing prompt challenge? These 365 writing prompts will get you started, w..

practice 10,000 hour rule - Lesson Pros


PRACTICE HACK TO HELP YOU BECOME A BETTER MUSICIAN FASTER - SHATTER THE 10,000 HOUR RULE How do you become a better musician faster? How do you learn or accomplish anything faster? Here is a practice hack to help you knock down those practi..

LarryFest Bluegrass Festival

LarryFest Bluegrass Festival Wow! What a fantastic week at LarryFest!!! Well, we just came down from the biggest high. No, I'm not talking about drugs here. I'm talking about a musical high.  That's what just happened at the LarryFest Blue..

Interview with Fireside Collective

Photo by Jace Kartye Edited by Charles Millar INTERVIEW WITH FIRESIDE COLLECTIVE Enjoy this interview with Fireside Collective by Lesson Pros. They are a progressive bluegrass band hitting the festival circuit hard. Sandi:..

weighted keys piano

Weighted Keys Piano Recommendations – Lesson Pros

Weighted Keys Piano Recommendations  Which weighted keys piano would we recommend? We get a lot of questions from our students about which weighted keys piano we would recommend, being we get these questions a lot we wanted..