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What’s your musical journey?

In the blog article, A Musical Journey in Time, Chuck Millar recants his beginnings as a student. His first inspirations into music and the hurdles he had to overcome to find success in a musical landscape without the resources we have in today’s digital world.

Sociomusical Learning Landscape

Chuck takes us on a ride from childhood to every major phase of his musical upbringing, how the sociomusical learning landscape was a hard road to go and how navigating learning music in that time was vastly different from what we have at our fingertips today.

It’s a story that emotes inspiration for those who read it. A pseudo nudge for readers to follow their dreams of learning an instrument and overcoming their fears knowing that learning music today has never been more accessible and can take place without ever leaving your home.

Breaking Down Complex Ideas

Over the years Chuck has developed a teaching style that breaks down complex ideas. Tearing down the idea that music has to be some mystical thing that only the few can achieve. He helps all those who come, realize their potential of being a musician which is simply a clock away.

Learn Music In a New Light

The article takes us through each step of his musical travels, and he brings us along in a relatable way that makes for a heartfelt read and inspires us to learn music in a new light.

Change the World through Music

After reading “A Music Journey in Time” you’ll understand Chuck’s desire to expand the culture of music in the world, which lead him along with his wife Sandi to the creation of LessonPros.com, a website that’s much more than guitar video lessons, it’s a lifetime of knowledge to be shared with the world.

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