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Single Word Writing Prompts Lesson Pros

One Word October Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

Beloved Friends,

The time has come for us to start snuggling up with a nice book and a warm cup of choco. As the seasons change, we can find time to reflect on ourselves. I want you to think about the first fall that you can remember and write about it. I know many of you may not have similar climates, vegetation, or cultural practices, but that is the beauty of it.

Share a childhood memory related to fall or the month of October.

Along with that memory, here are the October word prompts. Write a little bit each day using each of these words.

Writing Prompts October Lesson Pros


D. Many great authors and songwriters draw from their own life experiences to create stories we love. Try writing about people, places, situations, etc. that you encounter and see where it leads you!


Who is your favorite author or songwriter?


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October 1 Met
October 2 Judgment
October 3 Refreshed
October 4 Contact
October 5 Fun
October 6 Lamp
October 7 Random
October 8 Chill
October 9 Escape
October 10 Lurid
October 11 Creative
October 12 Minimalism
October 13 Breakfast
October 14 Mirror
October 15 Soft
October 16 Divide
October 17 Eyes
October 18 Nirvana
October 19 Highway
October 20 View
October 21 Witch
October 22 Paradox
October 23 Laugh
October 24 Pen
October 25 Hill
October 26 Candle
October 27 Town
October 28 Lock
October 29 Hurt
October 30 Coffee
October 31 Relaxed

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