Reviews from our Students

    Athansios P - PA
    "Thanks Chuck for the great instruction!  Some of these patterns I haven't hear of before, it is refreshing to learn something new. Looking forward to the next course!"
    Kaya K - Switzerland
    "Great method of teaching!  Thank you for breaking it down to a simplified version and by offering the backing tracks, that is really helping me with my speed and timing.  I was ready to give up on playing but have found new life since stumbling on your website.  Thank you for taking the time to make these video lessons.  It has made me excited to play again!"
    Wen Lin Chung - China
    "Really easy to understand!"
    Mikkel D - Virginia
    "Great instructor! As an advanced player, improvisation is finally starting to make sense. Thanks"
    Sandra A - Mpls, MN
    "Love your courses! Thanks"

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