Reviews from our Students

    Gilbert M - Itlay
    "Covers a a lot of ground and in detail. Both beginners and non-beginners can take away from this course."
    Ralf Johnson - UK
    “Thank you for making these fiddle tune courses. I feel much more confident when jamming with others. I love how you break it down.”
    Carlos Alberto Fernandes De O - Mexico
    "Thank you for these backing tracks.  I am really liking all of them but especially like the jazz and blue tracks."
    Valery V - Germany
    "Thank you so much for these great courses Chuck and Sandi both are great teachers.  I am working with the backing tracks on all the fiddle tunes and my playing has improved in leaps and bounds."
    Camila M - Alaska
    "We have a family band and live in Alaska.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these video lessons.  My whole family is learning from you both.  Our bluegrass band is getting better everyday, I can't thank you enough."

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