Reviews from our Students

    Wen Lin Chung - China
    "Really easy to understand!"
    Miralda S - Spain
    "It was a great learning experience ! I'm a bluesy punk rock guitar player and had always liked bluegrass music but had no idea how to play it. Thanks to this course I have a clear path on how to improve my 'bluegrassy skills' [It includes Backing Tracks!] Chuck is an excellent music theory instructor, you can use these lessons to improvise on any kind of music genre that involves a guitar. Awesome, Thanks : )"
    Valery V - Germany
    "Thank you so much for these great courses Chuck and Sandi both are great teachers.  I am working with the backing tracks on all the fiddle tunes and my playing has improved in leaps and bounds."
    Engeni N - Russia
    "Thank you so much for all the backing tracks.  I play multiple instruments and this has helped me become a better player on all of them."
    Joshua P - New York
    "This was an awesome course. I learned a lot of useful tips! This has really taken my songwriting to the next level. Thank you for putting hard work into making these lessons."

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