One Word September Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

September Writing Prompt

One Word September Writing Prompts – Lesson Pros

Dear Writers, we are delighted to see all of you so interested in our September writing prompt challenge. If you are new to this site, let us tell you a little bit about our writing prompts. Those of you who have been here a while can skip down to see our September Challenge.

Each month, we come out with a new list of words to inspire your creative energy. We started January 1st and with it being September 1st, that is 243 new words, not including the 30 new words for this month. If you enjoy this word prompt article and follow us through the rest of the year, we recommend going back and viewing our previous articles. We also have an article titled 365 Writing Prompts that has full-length prompts for those of you who want a bit more structure for writing.

With that being said, we also love when you comment on your thoughts and ideas, as well as any stories, songs, or poems you come up with from these prompts. Now that you have a good idea of what to expect. Let us get started.

September Challenge: It is time to think out of the box. Take a piece that you have written, and rewrite it from five different perspectives. Look at your story or song from a different point of view and write from that position. And then do this for as many viewpoints as you can.

With this challenge in mind, below are the September writing prompts!

Single Word Writing Prompt September Lesson Pros


Being able to see situations from other people’s perspectives is not only a great writing skill but also a life skill. If you are able to master changing viewpoints in your writing, you will likely become more empathic to those around you.


Have you felt empathy towards someone who has different views than yourself?


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September 1 Creature
September 2 Dream
September 3 North
September 4 Serve
September 5 Famous
September 6 White
September 7 Embody
September 8 First
September 9 Autumn
September 10 Fishing
September 11 Successful
September 12 Flower
September 13 Conquer
September 14 Death
September 15 School
September 16 Hollywood
September 17 Bog
September 18 Hope
September 19 Determined
September 20 Immeasurable
September 21 Letter
September 22 Harmony
September 23 Podcast
September 24 Knot
September 25 Complete
September 26 Internet
September 27 Effect
September 28 Island
September 29 Hotel
September 30 Echo

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